YoYo with Clutch and Ball Bearings


The perfect yoyo for beginners and younger “masters in training” to help learn the basic sleeping tricks.

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Our YoYo with Clutch toy comes in 4 bright colours; red, yellow, blue and green.
The clutch itself is an ingenious mechanism created to slow down the spinning of the yoyo, and enabling longer periods of “sleep”. Even more impressive, these yoyos seem to know exactly when to “wake”, making them the ideal yoyo for various tricks.
The best thing about our yoyos is that each one also includes ball bearings – this is another aid for the dedicated yoyo-ists to help improve their skills and the number of tricks in their hands. Ball bearings add an added amount of weight to the yoyo, and with the grooved tracks, the string never touches the axel, resulting in a smoother falling and rising, and a longer period of sleep. So basically, our yoyos have twice the advantage over your standard yoyo.

Each yoyo comes on its own blister packaging. They are great for the larger size loot bags so make excellent party bag fillers for older children. Not just for kids, these are great for adults too, and offer a positive, gross motor skill enhancing fidget toy.

Supplied in a random mix of colours.


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