UV Nail Polish – 75% off!

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12ml UV Nail Polish

Colour PriceQuantityStock
Blue £2.99 Now: £0.75 Out of stock
Yellow £2.99 Now: £0.75 18 in stock
Magenta £2.99 Now: £0.75 44 in stock
Violet £2.99 Now: £0.75 Out of stock
Green £2.99 Now: £0.75 20 in stock
Orange £2.99 Now: £0.75 Out of stock
Pink £2.99 Now: £0.75 Out of stock
Red £2.99 Now: £0.75 9 in stock


Complete your look with our fabulous hard-wearing quick drying & chip resistant nail polish. The only difficult decision is which colour to choose as they all look fantastic and react super bright with intense glow under UV light.

Available in Blue, Yellow, Magenta, Voliet, Green, Orange, Pink & Red.

12ml. Professional one coat quick-dry formula. Made in the UK. Not tested on animals.


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