LED Waist Belt


If you’re hitting the roads on the bike or for a run at night, or even just walking the dog, stay safe and be seen with our LED Light up waist band.

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Battery Information
This product comes with batteries supplied (2x CR2032). You can order additional batteries here.


These dual action, multi purpose high-visibility and glowing belts are a lifesaver for anyone who works or plays outdoors at night. They are the must have accessory for dog walkers, cyclists, runners and climbers thanks to the bright LED band which can change between flash and glow, the adjustable strap and easy to use clip fastening.

This product offers excellent versatility. Not only an LED light source, but the coloured hi-vis strip is a reflective band which will ensure you will still be seen should you run out of battery power. What’s more, you can wear it around the waist, across the shoulder or over your backpack.

There are so many benefits for this product: walking, running, hiking, cycling, horseback riding and motorcycling. Also perfect for child safety, roadside safety, construction, security and airport personnel.

Check out our LED Light Up Dog Collar to coordinate your look with your pooch!


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