LED Unicorn Colour Changing Light


Light up the magic in your home with this enchanted rainbow Unicorn Mood Light.

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Battery Information
This product comes with batteries supplied (1 x C2032). You can order additional batteries here.


If you’ve always been searching for the mythical unicorn, then your search is over!

Our cute, chubby little unicorn light is an adorable, rainbow colour-changing wonder. Traditionally, this mystical creature only appears to a rare few and has the ability to bestow magic, miracles and wisdom, so imagine how lucky we feel! These little guys will bring some awe and enchantment to your life, and an alluring sense of calm to bedtime as the colour-changing mood light gently radiates with the spectrum of the rainbow. If ever there was something to buy the unicorn aficionado in your life, this is it!

Ideal present for unicorn lovers! Perfect stocking filler, and can be used as a night light, desk light or a decoration. As it is portable, tactile, made from safe silcone and battery operated, this is an excellent anxiety soother for little ones who are scared of the dark.

Requires 1 x C2032 battery (included)
CE marked

LED Unicorn Colour Changing Light Product Demonstration Video


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