LED Squidgy Spikey Chick Toy

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“Peck” up one of these funky farm fowls and light up those party bags and Easter baskets!

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Fun and funky squidgy spikey chicks are great fun, and they look and feel awesome.

Perfect for little hands, they are incredibly tactile being made from a super squishy, soft silicone with little raised bumps for sensory stimulation. You can throw and catch them, shake them or give them a squeeze to activate the light element inside, which will pulse for 10-15 seconds before automatically switching off to save its battery life. When squeezed the palpable poultry will distort and bulge and return to normal when released. They are larger than they look at 6cm tall and with lots of sensory elements they are great for children of all ages.

Perfect for Party Bag toys and stocking fillers.
Randomly supplied in a Pink, Purple, Green, Orange, Yellow and Grapefruit.

Recommended age: 3+
Dimensions: Height 7cm / Width 5cm


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