LED Pirate Sword with Sound Effect – 40% off!

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Ahoy me hearties! Avast ye to this beaming bounty for budding bucanneers!

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Battery Information
This product comes with batteries supplied (2 x AA). You can order additional batteries here.


Defend the doubloons and cover the coffer with this swashbuckling cutlass shaped sword with LED lights and sound effect.
These Light Up Pirate Swords come in three colours, Green, Blue or Pink and feature a sound effect noise of swords clashing each time the sword is moved. The handles are a sold colour, with a transparent D-Guard and stars on the cross-guard which illuminate with the LEDs. The large broad blade is made with translucent plastic containing a fine wired string of LED bulbs along the full length.

Powered by 2x AA batteries (supplied) that are easy to replace in the pop out battery cover on the bottom.

Swords measurements:
59cm long (overall)
Blade: up to 6cm wide, 1cm thick & 42cm long
Handle: up to 14cm wide, 2cm thick & 17cm long

LED Pirate Sword Product Demonstration Video


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