Interactive Glow Sketch Pillow Case


Keep the kids quiet at bedtime with these glow in the dark pillow cases. They are interactive pillow cases that bring a little fun to bedtime, try noughts and crosses instead of a book occasionally. . Using light you can draw, doodle, and play by charging up the unique luminescent ink on the pillow case. Then as the glow fades, your work of art will magically disappear leaving you with a clean canvas to create a whole new masterpiece – no mess, just hours and hours of fun!



Night time will never be the same again, with the brilliant Dream Cloud Glow Sketch Pillowcase from Illuminated Apparel. Made with a unique luminescent ink; create endless glowing doodles, messages, designs and patterns with the UV keyring light that comes included. Create your illustrations with other light sources too, including smartphones, laser pens and torches; the stronger the UV output the brighter the pillowcase will shine! Form interesting shadows and silhouettes by blocking whichever light source you decide to use. When the glow gradually begins to fade, your artwork will magically disappear leaving you with a clean canvas to create a whole new masterpiece, no mess, just lots of fun! Perfect for imaginative kids, watch them create stories and messages, or practice spelling and numeracy skills before bed time. These brilliant pillowcases can also be used as a night light, providing a faint glow for up to 8 hours after activation. Once they’ve finished playing, simply flip the pillow over, for a more comfortable snooze. Not just for kids; why not pair two pillows together and leave cheeky messages for your partner at night, ‘Cup of tea please?’ or ‘Stop hogging the covers!’ With other pillowcase designs available, why not give one as a unique gift and see what messages they come up with!

  • Heart, Cloud and Noughts and Crosses
  • UV Keyring Included
  • 100% Cotton
  • Machine Washable
  • 70cm x 50cm


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