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Party Bag Discount Offer!

Thanks for your Feedback! You spoke.... we listened.

Your feedback is super important to us, so when you tell us something, we are all ears!

Our lovely customers asked for our party bag fillers to be all in one place to make it easier to browse, and so a few newsletters ago we shared the link to our new Party Bag Fillers category. You were right! Our little loot items have been flying out the warehouse ever since, so as another thank you, we want to give you money off any party bag fillers you purchase for the rest of 2019!!

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Party Selfie Stations & Photo Booth Props

Let your guests glow and your photos flash with our LED light up accessories!

Planning a party always begins with endless lists of what you want... from food options to playlists and everything in between. One thing is for sure, whatever party you're planning: wedding reception; engagement or anniversary celebration; hen do; stag do; big birthday bash; for adults or children; you will want to have as many photos as possible to remember it.

Some years ago, at every wedding and big celebration you could find a disposable camera on every table with a request to the guests to snap away. Things have progressed since, and now at many parties you'll have the opportunity to take advantage of a photo booth service, with many suppliers offering a wide range of package options to suit your event. And whilst I've seen many different types of booths for weddings and birthdays from walk in photo machines with digital backgrounds and automatic photo settings to lavishly set up backdrops with an on-hand photographer, I haven't actually seen any with the added wow factor of light up accessories. Well... not until I planned a party myself that is....

A photo booth may be a "must have" for your party, or it could be on the "maybe" list if budget is a concern, but it needn't be as big of an expense as you think. If you're going with the rental booth, I would strongly recommend asking to see their props first, or finding out if you have to or can supply your own... maybe suggest supplying your own for a discount so you can get the personalised and quality props you're looking for. I remember the first photo booth I saw at a party had a tattered feather boa, squashed cowboy hats and broken oversized glasses; it really disappointed the birthday girl and the guests.

But if your budget can't quite stretch to a rented and manned photo booth, you could always invest a little bit of time and creativity into making a DIY photo booth, or if you want an even simpler option, you could go for a selfie station.

When I organised a surprise party I set up a selfie station using a range of items from our Photo Booth & Selfie Station Props. I created a sign so people knew what it was for, and then left people to have fun with the props. The Facebook tags were absolutely amazing and now the birthday boy has many memories to look back on, certainly things he missed while he was trying to get round to all the guests that had come to celebrate.

Selfie stations are similar to the photo booth, but there is considerably less faff. You only really need to budget for the props and any accessories you want to display them in. The possibilities are endless, and it doesn't have to cost much at all. If you're planning a beach themed wedding for example, you could set up a beach towel, some spades, and have your selfie props displayed in buckets. If you are going for a vintage theme, an old suitcase or trunk would be ideal. Baring in mind that a selfie is usually somewhere between one and a handful of people all tightly packed together, you wouldn't need to stage an extravagant backdrop either, so the set up would be pretty simple.

Your guests will be managing their own photos, so this has to be the easiest option all round. Just remember to give your station a designated area and make a sign telling your guests what it is and what to do with the photos (i.e. tag you on facebook, upload to instagram, send them via Whatsapp etc). You are welcome to use our free downloadable signs. Last tip... make sure you grab your friends for photos and everyone will soon follow suit.

Props, Props, Props!!!

Once you've decided on your photo booth or self station, whether you've picked a package or designed your own, you'll need to think about what your props are going to be. The only light up props I've seen at a party photo booth were the ones I brought with me, so I'm sure you'll be setting a new trend and wowing your guests if you include some flashing novelties for them to dress up in. That's not to say you should over do the lights, a good selection of accessories to wear and hold, LED and not, are going to make a lasting impression and provide a whole load of fun for you and your guests. Variety is everything, so you will want to offer quite a few options; the more variety you offer, the more unique combinations your photos will have.

Consider whether you are looking to theme your party booth, for example: vintage, gangster and molls, neon and rave etc, or whether you want to have a random and eclectic mix of silly and sensible that people can just dig in and get snapping. Like I've recommended in other posts, check out Pinterest to see what other people are doing to get some inspiration. If you decide to go with a rented booth, you can just skip on down to my top suggestions for accessories. If you're going down the DIY route, keep reading...

For a DIY Photo booth, you do not need to spend a fortune. The most important thing is having a camera, ipad etc with a timer feature and preferably a tripod or stand so that everyone who wants to be in the picture can be, without leaving one person out to press the button or asking the nearest person to take your picture for you. If you hop on over for a quick look at our Pinterest saved board: we have saved our favourite ideas, instructables, tips and tricks for creating your own photo booths and selfie stations, so you'll find plenty of ideas to help from Polaroids to iPads to traditional cameras.

The backdrop for your booth can be as extravagant or as simple as you want. Some of the prettiest effects I have seen are simple voile curtain panels with fairy lights - from simple micro lights to twinkling, coloured or shaped string lights; and they look absolutely stunning set up outside in a gazebo or even just hanging from a large tree, so you don't have to stick to an indoor booth. You could make some paper or artificial flower decorations such as garlands, wreaths and pom poms, position the booth around a door or window which you can dress with string lights, flowers or other themed props. For vintage parties you could add a beautiful chair, some large vintage picture frames which you can pick up for a bargain in a charity shop or boot sale, and present your props from a vintage suitcase.  If you're going for a real party vibe, go for neon backdrops and bright and colourful lights and props. The cheapest and funkiest idea we've seen is picking up different coloured plastic table cloths and using them to make a rainbow backdrop, but we also love UV paint splats on black paper or vinyl rolls, neon poster prints, neon signs and frames painted in UV and neon colours.

We recommend you check out this amazing blog : for the best tips complete with lots of photos to inspire you.

Happy snapping for your big party photo opportunities, whatever you decide to do. We hope you have lots of fun and make lots of lasting memories.

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Wedding Glow Stick Wonders

How to "Let Love Glow" Glowtopia Style....

Glow Sticks are literally gathering whirlwind momentum at weddings right now. It is big business in the U.S and now it has landed on British soil. This popular craze is largely thanks to the super value of large quantities of glow sticks, the versatility of the product, and the simple fact that they are lots of fun for adults and children - who doesn't love to crack a glow stick? There are so many ways you can incorporate Glow Sticks into the special day, from wedding favours to waving send offs, but whatever you want to with your glow sticks, we think these magical little light sticks deserve their very own space to glow.... "The Glow Stick Bar".

There are so many ideas floating around on the internet, and the best of them can be found on Pinterest. If you decide to do a little bit of research into the idea, take a look at our Pinterest Boards, and check out our favourite Pins in the Illuminated Weddings Board In the meantime, we have put together this blog to give you a bit of inspiration and provide you with some free downloads so you can make the most of your Glow Sticks for a truly wonderous wedding.


8 inch Glow Stick Wedding Favours & Frame

If you're thinking about putting out some glow sticks for your guests and wanted to display them on tables for guest favours, why not dress them in their very own labels and impress your guests with the added detail? For this quick, easy and cost effective table favour, which looks pretty awesome, all you need is a whole bunch of 8 inch glow sticks, a vase or jar, a 6 x 4 inch photo frame and our free Vintage Heart downloads.

If you click on the adjacent image, you will open up a pdf file containing 6 labels, ready for you to personalise with the names of the bridal party and date should you wish, or use them as they are. Simply cut out each design, in the shape of a heart or in a square, and cut 2 slits at the top and bottom. Thread a glow stick through each label, and we recommend popping a connector on one end of stick so they are ready to go,  and then arrange in a vase to display in the centre of the tables.

By clicking on the last image, you will open a 6 x 4 inch jpeg - perfectly sized for ready made frames, and we just love vintage style frames with this design. You can hand write the bridal party names and the date if you wish, and this sign will perfectly match your glow sticks.

If you have Photoshop or another photo editing software, you can add the details in text format, then print onto card stock or photo paper. Position the frame in front of the vase display and it will look amazing. If Glow Stick wedding favours were not what you had in mind, these also look great on the evening buffet table, a candy cart, along the drinks bar or on outside tables on a veranda or garden terrace.

Light up the Night Glow Stick Sign and labels

If you are looking for a presentation idea for your glow sticks, we absolutely love the idea of a Glow Stick Bar! Over the last 5 years, Candy Carts and Candy Buffets have been the biggest thing in wedding and party trends, but an illuminating layout of glowing accessories is now sweeping across weddings everywhere. We anticipate this too will become a favourite fad that will stand the test of time; as they are fun and funky, great value and they delight both adults and children alike. Best kept to the evening reception, get your glow sticks ready for when all the formality of the day is done and everyone is ready to let loose and turn down the lights. Your evening party, dance floor, and even the venue gardens and terraces will be aglow with brightly lit guests. And the best thing is you can coordinate the colours of your glow sticks to match your wedding theme if you didn't want to go with a rainbow coloured selection.

How many jars and labels you will need depends on just how many accessories you want to share with your guests.... less is definitely not more in the realms of Glow Stick Bars - the best bars we have seen online have several jars and vases with a range of options for your guests to choose from. If budget is an issue, you can certainly offer a smaller variety, but always buy bulk packs instead of individually wrapped, as the cost is significantly less and they look more attractive in the display.

After working out your glow novelty quantities (we will give you some guidance below) you will need to get a 5x7 inch frame, and download the adjacent jpeg image to pop inside.

The first glow stick you need on your shopping list is the super versatile Glow Stick Bracelet! You'll need to grab yourself a tube (or a few), we sell ours in tubes of 100, and work out how many you will need. As a general rule of thumb we would suggest that if you had 50 guests going, you would want them to have 2 to 3 bracelets each. You'd need 2 tubes of glow stick bracelets, but fear not, we have plans for the 50 or so that are left over.

You will need to print off our label template by clicking any of the adjacent images. Then stick them on to a selection of vases, jam jars, mason jars, plant pots... or whatever you want to use to display your glow stuff to match your wedding theme. We've seen some really cool, alternative displays such as buckets for beach weddings, baskets and planters for rustic weddings, and jam jars decorated with vintage lace and ribbon for vintage and shabby chic displays. For the bracelets, pop a connector on one end of each stick and present them in the vase.

With your 50 left over glow sticks, you can have 25 pairs of Glow Stick Glasses for your Glow Stick Bar. We assume that not everyone will want to wear glasses so if you have 50 guests, supplying enough glasses for half the guests will be absolutely fine if you are on a budget, alternatively you can adjust the numbers of your Glow Stick Bracelets. You will need 2x Glow Stick Bracelets and 1 x Glow Glasses Connector or 1 x Glow Heart Glasses Connector to make up a single pair of glasses. So if, for example, you wanted 50 pairs of Glow Stick Glasses, you would need 1 x tube of 8inch Glow Stick Bracelets and 50 x Glow Stick Connectors. Arrange them together in a vase or jar and attach our Glow Glasses label. We think having two jars (or multiples of 2 jars) for the glasses, offering both hearts and standard glasses looks the best.

Our Glow Stick Necklaces are a one piece wonder. They are 22 inches long and come complete with their own connector. Just like the bracelets, you just need to pop a connector on one end of the glow stick, and present them in a tall vase. Tall vases or even jars (like the tall pasta ones) are really a must for this one, because these necklaces may crack if knocked and smaller jars may topple over. Again, we've got the labelled covered in our free template.

Our final label is for "Glow Sticks". If you only want to offer one option, we recommend buying the bulk packs of our most popular 6 inch Premium Glow Sticks. These come bagged in 25s and offer the best quality glow. Each glow stick comes fitted with it's own connector to attach the included lanyards. For 50 guests we would recommend getting 2 packs because everyone will want one of these!! However, if you want to offer a selection, we also stock 4 inch Regular Glow Sticks in packs of 25 and 12 inch Premium Mega Glow Sticks in tubes of 10s. Why not buy a selection of all 3 and display in different sized jars or vases? If you are on a budget, we have the perfect cost effective option. Our 6 inch Regular Glow Sticks will offer you a bright glow for the best value, and they also have their own connectors and lanyards, and are also supplied in packs of 25. You could even team up the 6 inch Regular Glow Sticks with the 4 inch Regular Glow Sticks, for example 25 of each for 50 guests, to keep the costs even lower!

Personalise Your Glow Sticks

Whether you go for Glow Stick favours or a Glow Stick Bar, you can give your glow sticks the personal touch with your own special message or dedication uniquely designed and printed for you. Here at Glowtopia, we will work with you to create your own custom made template, and we can either heat press or use our special transfer printing to each glow stick. Not only will your glow sticks be unique to you, but they make a special momento for your wedding memory box, and your guest will be affectionately impressed at the detail and sentiment.

You can find out more about our personalised glow sticks here, or take a quick look here at all our branded products. We recommend the 6 inch Premium Glow Sticks, 12 inch Premium Mega Glow Glow Sticks and our Premium Glow Stick Candles for personalisations - and remember, we will design your message for you, and can match with most themes and typefaces to compliment the rest of your wedding stationary.

Glow Stick Send Off

Our final Glow Stick wedding wonder is the simply stunning send off. Its a wonderful way to wave the wedding party along as they embark on their new life together.... and it looks absolutely amazing in the photos! Don't take our word for it, hop on over to our Pinterest Illuminated Wedding Board and see for yourself.

Probably the most simplest but most effective of all the glow stick ideas - all you need is enough Glow Stick Necklaces for your guests, we supply these in a range of colour options in tubes of 50, a large vase strategically placed near to where the happy couple will be leaving the venue, a 10x8 frame and a print out of our send off template!

Top Tips!!

  1. DO NOT SNAP AND ACTIVATE THE STICKS IN ADVANCE! Half the fun of glow sticks is in the snap, and you will want the glow to last as long as possible so however you intend to use or display your glow sticks, leave that bit for the guests.
  2. When cutting the slits in 8 inch glow stick labels, for best results use a scalpel or craft blade. If you don't have one available, lightly fold the label in half on the vertical, and make a small snip at the fold with scissors.
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Easter Garden Kerplunk Style Game


Spring is here and the sun has certainly been shining here in Dorset, so it got us thinking of new ways to enjoy our glow sticks in the garden. Being that Easter is just around the corner, we started wanted to add an Easter twist on some outdoor family games, after all, who doesn't like a cracking good garden game?

And so, last week, we took a break from the office work to build our very own "Kerplunk" style game.... and we are so glad we did!!

It is surprisingly easy to construct, inexpensive (it can be made from general garden materials that you may have stashed in a corner of your shed) and with a quick trip to a local pound store you are ready to go. Obviously, we can't help but add a glowing spin on everything we do, so if like us you still want to play this game when the sun goes down, we have everything you need to show it the glow.

What you will need...

Most of the things you will need you may have lurking in your shed or garage, or can be acquired cheaply from a DIY store or garden centre. Maybe even try a local search on gumtree or freecycle to get a bargain. Here's what to look out for:

Galvanised Wire Mesh (square)  approximately 1 metre length.
Wood - we chopped up some pallets we had in the warehouse and this worked great, but any type of reclaimed wood, paneling, planks or timber off cuts would work.
Some garden sticks OR make it glow with our 22 inch Glow Stick Necklaces!!!! 
A whole heap of fillable plastic eggs (check out your local pound shops and craft shops as well as online)
And if you want to make your eggs glow too, pop some of our best value 8 inch Glow Sticks in your basket to fill those eggs.

You'll also need 8 x 50mm nails, pieces of wire or cable ties, wire cutters, a saw, measuring tape, set square or mitre and a hammer.

Reclaimed wood pallets

Mesh Wire & Garden Sticks

22 inch Glow Necklaces

Plastic Easter Eggs

8 inch Glow Bracelets


Take a look at our quick and easy how to picture guide to build this game.

Step 1

Step 3

Step 5

Step 2

Step 4

How to Play

We had such a laugh playing this game, it's great family fun as even the youngest of kiddies can pull out the sticks. We used 30 plastic eggs and 25 glow sticks for this game as a family of 6. The glow sticks were still glowing bright after several hours so you can always come back to the game later, and with our packs of 50 necklaces you would be able to play this game on 2 separate nights.

It would be a great game for adult garden parties if you're having an Easter get together... you could play it for hours, long after the sun first goes down.  If you're going camping this Easter, try and make room for this game too, it is a great game to play by the tent, and will add a cool light feature for your camp, we bet you will draw a crowd and be the most popular campers in the field! And of course not forgetting our friends at all the kids clubs and PTAs!! If you are planning an Easter party, how about including this in your party games? The kids will absolutely love to play and you can make the game last much longer by doubling up the sticks and eggs.

Trust us... this game will be an egg-sploding hit this Easter!

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Mother’s Day Glow Stick Crafts

Mother's Day is fast approaching, so if you're looking for inspiration to brighten up your Mother's Day bouquet, then we have the perfect solution. Replace the standard florist message card and holder with a glowing message stick. All you need is a printer, a hole punch and an 8 inch Glow Stick Bracelet! You could get even more creative.... why not make your mum a candy bouquet instead and use our glowing message sticks in the same way? Or hold a high tea or dinner and display a whole bunch of these in a vase on the table with their connectors so everyone can glow? You can hide one in a box of chocolates or in a gift box, stick it to a card, or simply hand one to your mum with a big hug!

Our free Mother's Day Glow Stick Templates are quick and simple to use - just print them, cut them out, and use a hole punch to make a couple of holes at the top and bottom. Pop an 8 inch glow stick bracelet through the holes and they are ready to go. The templates are pdf files with 4 or 6 cards per sheet. If you are a nursery group, childminder, school or club, these are a great, easy and cost effective craft idea that your children can do themselves so they can make a gift to take home for their mum.


hole punch mothers day glow stick craft
mothers day glow stick craft
mothers day glow stick craft

Click on the links below to download one of 4 free templates.

Perfect for nurseries and play groups, school crafts and children's groups that are making gifts for Mother's Day.

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Valentine’s Day Glowing Crafts – free downloads

Valentine's Day Glow Stick Crafts

We've put together 2 designs which can be used with our 8 inch Glow Stick Bracelets for Valentine messages which are perfect for children and adults. Each page is A4 size so will print on standard home printers and has 6 images included.

They are a great and inexpensive activity for children to join in, making them ideal for school and nursery craft activities; perhaps the children can make them to take home for their parents or give them to a special friend or relative?

We also have a bright idea for PTAs that are running a Valentine disco:
For young children you could advertise that each ticket includes a small Valentine gift. Make them up in advance (but do not activate, save that bit of fun for the little people), and display them in pretty jars or pots, and give one to each child when they arrive. For older children's parties, you could sell them individually along with your other glow party accessories, so that the children can give them to their Valentine during the party. Cute!! Its also a great way to use up any left over glow stick bracelets that you didn't use for your Christmas parties. Such a quick and easy fundraiser!

Of course we are not forgetting the adults either. These are a really sweet gift to give out to those who are special to you to let them know you are thinking of them. If you normally give your children a little something, then these are perfect. If you're getting together with a group of friends, or maybe you want to send some anonymous love to a few people who could do with feeling special on this day - it doesn't have to be all about romance - again these are quick to make and much less expensive than buying several cards.

Its really simple. Download your preferred design, and print. Each A4 sheet makes 6 labels. For best results print on card stock.
Cut out the designs leaving a white border around each square frame.
For the "Heart Glow" design, make a slit on the lines above the heart and under the scroll on the border.
For the "Light my Life" design, slits are made at the top and bottom of the light bulb.
TIP: To make the slit, vertically fold the paper without creasing and use scissors to cut a small slit.
Thread an 8 inch glow stick Bracelet through the slit and its ready to go.

Valentine's Day LED Light Crafts

Our little Glow Stick crafts got us thinking about how we can make something using LED lights for a brighter glow; you know, if you really want to make an impact! These are good for kids too, but definitely something that is also be a bit more grown up, and the first one "Marry Me", is obviously for adults (and is super romantic!!)

We've come up with 3 designs, each one uses one of our LED Finger Lights to really make these cards stand out and they can be used in so many different ways.

Firstly, you can print them out, assemble, and pop them in an envelope ready to post. If you're buying a bunch of flowers, ask the florist to provide you with a card stick/pick (called a cardette holder) and display one of these cards in the bouquet. If you want to be really romantic you can use them with a single, triple or a dozen red rose bouquet, attach it to a bottle of the finest champagne or luxury spirit, or pop it inside a box of their favourite chocolates. For added wow hand deliver, switching the light on just before you give it.

Personally, I think these are really special when framed and the prints are standard frame sizes for this reason (more details below), you can use a normal frame and attach the LED Finger Light to the outside of the glass. If you are thinking about popping the BIG question then consider choosing a box frame to display the assembled "Marry Me" print. With a box frame, you can attach the print to the inside of the glass, and attach the finger light using hot glue to the back panel in line with the light bulb. Before you present your proposal, switch the light on and put the frame together, then lay it inside a beautiful gift box lined with tissue paper or shred, and tie with a big bow. The effect is BEAUTIFUL! Long after the light runs out on the finger light, this frame will be a perfect keepsake of the magic moment, so the magic glow will last lifetime!

To make, get your printer ready - we recommend good quality card stock, printable greeting card blanks or photo paper.
The "Brighten my Day" Design prints at 4x6 inches and looks best with a white LED Finger Light positioned on the cord of the drawing.
The "Light My World" Design prints at 5x7 inches and looks best with a red LED Finger Light positioned on the red torch with heart glow still visible.
The "Marry Me?" Design prints at 5x7 inches and looks best with a white LED Finger Light. You can position this anywhere on the print pointing the light towards the bulb, or position behind the print as mentioned.

However you decide to share some love this Valentine's Day, we hope that it is, of course, reciprocated.

Wishing all the little people lots of fun at the parties, and to all the big people, lots of Valentine gifts, cards and secret admirers!
Most importantly, if you are asking the big question, we hope the answer is yes, and if you're waiting for a proposal, we hope that you get the most glowing gesture ever.

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Chinese New Year 2019 – Year of the Pig

2019 is the year of the Pig, the twelfth and last sign of the Chinese Zodiac. Legend has it, that the Pig arrived late to the Jade Emperor's Party because he overslept, and therefore was placed last in the Zodiac.

The Year of the Pig begins on the 5th January 2019 and marks the start of the Chinese Spring Festival which ends on February 19th. The Pig is a symbol of wealth and fortune (those chubby little faces give it away), and those born in the year of the Pig are said to be warm-hearted, good-tempered, loyal and honest... albeit a bit lazy at times! Your lucky colours are gold and yellow and your lucky numbers are 2, 5 and 8. But be aware, your unlucky colours are red, blue and green.

Whether you're born in the year of the Pig, or you are planning to hold your own festivities to mark the start of the Chinese New Year Spring Festival, have a quick read through of our ideas of things to make, do, show and glow. So if you were waiting for an excuse to make some crafty stuff (with or without the little people), or want an excuse to go crazy with the take away at your local Chinese, and a party seems like the one then read on!

Chinese Paper Lanterns

This one is super easy and a perfect craft for kids. With a little grown up detailing and embellishment they can also look pretty cool for grown up dinner parties too.

All you need is some card or paper, scissors and either glue, sticky tape or even a stapler... that's it! To add some GLOW power, you'll also need either glow sticks or an LED tea light. Obviously being the year of the Pig, you'll want to bring some luck into the makings, so either get some yellow or gold paper or card, or decorate a white or black sheet with yellow paints, pens, embellishments - we love gold marker pens and fine liners to make chinese letterings, but for a real splurge go for gold origami papers or craft / scrapbook papers, both available in a wide variety of plain or patterned designs, textures and finishes.

With your chosen paper and scissors at the ready, cut a 1/2 strip from the short end of the paper for the handle.

Fold the paper in half along the long edge - you want to have a horizontal fold line in the middle of the lantern once it is put together - and keeping the scissors at the folded edge cut along the folded paper towards the open edges, evenly spaced and leaving approximately 1/2 inch uncut at either end. How you space the splits depends on the look you want and the size of the paper - the more slits the more light shines through, but they will be less sturdy. Use a pen and a ruler if you want it to be symmetrical.

Open the piece of paper, and apply some glue or tape to one of the short edges where the slits end, curl the paper around and join to the opposite short edge. If using a stapler simply staple at the top and bottom after making the curl.

Attach the handle by placing one end of the strip inside the top of lantern, curling it over, and attaching it to the other side of the top of the lantern - again using glue, sticky tape or staples.

And that's it, a super simple lantern.

For a standing lantern, use an LED tea light and place the lantern over it - please do not use real candles, they are a fire risk!
If you are hanging the lanterns and still want the glow, all you need is some 4 inch or 6 inch glow sticks. Cut the included lanyard to size, make a hole where each handle is attached to the lantern, and thread the lanyard through the holes. Cut the length and tie with a knot to keep it in place. If you were already using a stapler or sticky tape, you could also attach the lanyard thread with these.



Chinese Tea Light Holders

Another quick and easy decoration for the home or garden and suitable for both adults and children are coloured tea light holders. They are cost effective and make really pretty table centrepieces and ornamental decorations for lots of events.

The simplest version is the Paper Bag Lantern - Super popular for outdoor events and weddings and all you need are paper bags and LED tea lights or glow sticks. If you want to get an extra Chinese New Year spin on them you only need a few simple craft supplies to transform them.

For kids, we quite like the idea of using pink paper bags like loot/party bags in pink, and drawing (or if you are super committed, try cutting out) a pig design. Alternatively, buy yellow paper bags and write the Chinese symbols for "Happy New Year" or "Pig" in black felt tip pen. If you are happy to stick with the plain white paper bags, you can decorate them with paints, tissue paper, pens and decorative punches, or leave them plain and pop in a pink or yellow glow stick instead.

Next you can cut out simple star shapes from card or paper - again we like yellow the best, and using a bit of double sided sticky tape, attach the stars to glitter LED tea lights to make a super quick but effective tea light decoration.

Lastly, if you want to put a little bit more time into the crafting, get yourself some yellow or gold tissue paper, PVA glue and up-cycle some jam jars. Tear the tissue paper into rough square pieces and glue to the inside of the clean jars. Pop in your LED tea light or glow stick and you have a pretty lucky coloured tea light holder. We like to add a bit more sparkle and detail to our tea light jars, so we added a gold glitter glue detail to the rim and added the Chinese symbol for Pig to the outside.



Glow Piggy Glasses

We love crafting up ideas for unique ways to use our Glow Sticks and Glow Stick Novelties, and we are especially pleased with our Piggy Power Glow Stick Glasses.

This is a really simple craft idea for kids that they will absolute love! All you need is a pair of Pink Glow Stick Glasses, pink paper or card, black marker pen and sticky tape.

Using your sticky tape as a template, draw a circle on the pink paper or card. Cut out the circle and draw two oval shapes in black pen. Activate the glow sticks and assemble the glasses. Finally, using the sticky tape, attach the paper snout to the glasses, and you have a pigging perfect pair of piggy glowing glasses!!




Origami Piggy Glow Stick Wands

No Chinese New Year celebrations would be complete without a little bit of Origami. So we got our heads together to try and think of some ways we can make an Origami Piggy glow.... and well we are pretty impressed with our resulting Origami Piggy Glow Stick Wand! But if wafting wands isn't really on your agenda this Chinese New Year, fear not, we think these are pretty spectacular when used for flower pics and balloon sticks.... or forget the holding stick and pop a glow stick in the body and use it as a little light decoration.

Depending on your creativity, skill and age level, there are a lots of different designs you can go for. We loved this free standing pig posted by wikihow; the steps include photos and videos, its not too complicated and it looks awesome! 

Once you've made your Origami pig, all you need is a glow stick of your choice and attach it into the underside opening with sticky tape - you can use 12 inch Premium Mega Glow Sticks for a sturdy, long lasting superior glow, or if you're on a budget or making these for a class of children, our 8 inch Glow Stick Bracelets are a great cost effective alternative. To make the Origami Pig Light, we just used a 6 inch Premium Glow Stick, but you could use our 4 inch Glow Sticks instead depending on the size of your finished folded pig.

Light Up Balloon Pigs

The last idea we had make for great decorations for the kids.

We took our ILooms Pink LED Balloons and our Premium Neon Pink UV Balloons to make these ultra cool illuminated balloons.

Its so easy.... just inflate the balloons and draw on a cute pig face, pig chinese lettering or whatever pig designs you can imagine. That's it!

We hope you have enjoyed this Blog, and most importantly we hope that you enjoy the celebrations.

Happy Chinese New Year from the team at Glowtopia!



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Burns Night – How to illuminate your Burns Supper and Celebrations 2019

What is Burns Night?

Burns Night is a celebration held all over the world on or around 25th January to commemorate the life and works of the Scottish bard (poet) Robert Burns on the anniversary of his birthday in 1759.

There are a wide variety of celebrations that take place in Burns' honour; these may be informal or formal, but almost all include reciting the poetic works and lyrics in homage to Burns' contribution to Scottish culture and literature. Traditionally, and still commonplace today, the event encompasses the Burns Supper focusing on the national haggis meal. Formal suppers include a strict running order to include grace, toasts and readings of pieces written by Robert Burns at key intervals during the meal, where guests are greeted on arrival to the sound of bagpipes being played, and the evening is filled with all the allure of a high society dinner party. The pinnacle of the event is the presentation of the haggis which enters the dining room to the accompaniment of bagpipes. The haggis is welcomed to the table with a reading of "Address to a Haggis" written by Burns. At the end of the reading, the haggis is ceremonially sliced into two pieces and the meal begins. To close the evening, all guests participate in the holding of hands and singing of "Auld Lang Syne".

Whilst not everyone adopts the formal tradition, the evening is richly celebrated, with many events being held including street parties, national landmark events and tributes which include musicians and circus acts open to the public. In recent years at George Square, you can experience the spectacular Burns Illuminated, a set of light projections and sound installations beaming all over City Chambers from the 23rd, and culminating in a star studded live performance on the 25th.


So, if you're out celebrating the legacy that Burns left behind after his untimely death, we have some great suggestions to join in with the illuminations.

In tribute to Burns, a special tartan was commissioned just for him in 1959 to mark his 200th birthday. Known as the Burns' Check, it is a popular cloth with a black check pattern, and is often worn this time of year. Since the 1930s, a Burns family tartan has also been produced, although this is much rarer.

If you plan on dressing up in the tartan as a personal appreciation, we recommend our LED Fredora Hat and either a Black LED Sequin Neck Tie or Bow Tie to compliment the Burns' Check - when the lights go down or you hit the street parties and illuminated entertainment, you can simply switch them on to glow along with the convivality. Equally, if you want to incorporate the Burns Family Tartan in your get up or your own dinner centrepieces and decor, opt for reds, greens and yellows. We supply the same sequin bow and neck ties in red, green and yellow, and our ever popular glow stick candles come in packs of yellow and would look great used in displays, to light pathways and lawns, and even carried.

If you're looking for something a bit more fun, or something for the kids, our new fibre optic headbands come in red and green, and we stock 4 inch and 6 inch glow stick lanyards in the same colours.

Alternatively, to honour the Scottish heritage, we recommend adopting a blue and white theme to your attire and decor.

We stock LED Balloons which are premium quality latex balloons containing an LED bulb which once activated lasts for hours to decorate your party venue or dining room. We have plain blue, plain white and white with a star design available in packs of 5. If balloons are your thing, we highly recommend our BalloonLite LED string lights to give your balloon displays the wow factor.

We also have pretty battery operated star lights in blue, which look stunning draped over a mantlelpiece, mirror or placed in a glass vase or fishbowl and displayed on the dining table or side table.

Again, our bow ties and neck ties are available in both blue and white, but if your're going for the casual look, then look no further than our new flashing baseball cap. The white high quality cotton cap has a bright blue LED light strip along the rim of the peak and will ensure you stand out.

If you're arranging a children's event then we've got the best glowing range in blues and whites. Our Foam Batons are soft and fun and are available with either white or blue LEDs. We also stock a spinning LED light up baton in blue as well as a pirate sword, and our glittering fibre optic star wands also come in blue too.

But if you really want to get into the spirit then proudly show your appreciation all over your face with our Neon UV Glowing Face Paint and Paint Sticks. Whether you opt for a small flag on your cheek, or you paint your whole face like the Saltire, you won't get a better effect than to wear this paint bright and bold by day, and ultraviolet luminescent at night.

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Christmas and New Year Deliveries 2018

Here at Glowtopia we’re remaining open over Christmas and New Year, giving you plenty of time to get orders in for any celebrations!

Please remember the following key information:

  • Our same day dispatch cut off is 2pm, however on Monday 24th December and Monday 31st December our cut off for Royal Mail orders will be 10:30am due to early collections. Cut off for DPD orders on these days is midday.
  • We are open on all working days over the festive period although if collecting from our warehouse please ensure you call us beforehand to arrange a collection time.
  • All delivery times are given assuming there are no delays outside of our control with the postal system/couriers. We always recommend getting orders placed as early as possible to allow for any possible disruption to delivery services, the postal system and couriers are very busy this time of year which can lead to unforeseen delays outside of our control!

Glowtopia Christmas Delivery Times 2018

  • Friday 21st December: Last date for Christmas deliveries, order by 2pm and select next working day courier at checkout for delivery on Monday 24th December.
  • Monday 24th December: Royal Mail dispatch cut off 10:30am. DPD order cut off midday. Any orders sent via DPD on Monday 24th December will be delivered Thursday 27th December.
  • Tuesday 25th December: No dispatch.
  • Wednesday 26th December: No dispatch.
  • Thursday 27th December: Dispatch as normal.
  • Friday 28th December: Last date for New Year deliveries, order by 2pm and select next working day courier at checkout for delivery on Monday 31st December.
  • Monday 31st December: Royal Mail dispatch cut off 10:30am. DPD order cut off midday. Any orders sent via DPD on Monday 31st December will be delivered Wednesday 2nd January (excluding Scotland which will be delivered Thursday 3rd January).
  • Tuesday 1st January: No dispatch.
  • Wednesday 2nd January: Dispatch as normal.

Last delivery dates before Christmas

Next Day Courier (DPD): Order by Friday 21st December before 2pm for delivery on Monday 24th December.

Any DPD orders placed after midday on Monday 24th December will be dispatched on Thursday 27th December.

Last delivery dates before New Year

Next Day Courier: Order by Friday 28th December before 2pm for delivery on Monday 31st December.

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DIY Light Up Wreath Tutorial

Here at Glowtopia HQ we have decided to get creative and hands on with some of our own DIY decorations and crafts to really get our office and warehouse beaming with Christmas spirit.

Our warehouse was the first place we targeted (after our desks of course!) and our very functional but not very festive, mobile safety steps were the first thing that needed a little Yuletide cheer. Now of course we know it looks nothing like a mantlepiece.... but you have to work with what you've got, so a Christmas garland was the unanimous decoration of choice! As with all things Glowtopia, if we are going to do something... we are going to do it BRIGHT!

So, whether you're curious what we've been up to, or you want to have a go yourselves, here is our quick Step by Step guide to get garland making!

So you've got your wreath and all the decorations you want... let's start with the basics.

Lay your wreath out, untangle it, stretch it out.... basically just get it ready to start adding your decorations!

Begin with adding the lights first.

Start at one end of the wreath and position the first bulb that is closest to the battery pack at wire base of the wreath (not the branch).

Using the branches either side of the central wire, cross them over and under the light string wire so they hold securely in place.
Follow the length of the wreath's central wire, alternating between crossing over the branches and weaving under and over the central wreath wire.
If using two light strings like us, once you run out of string lights, start the same process again from the other end of the wreath.

In a similar way, take the beading and ribbon garland(s) and thread them around the wreath.

Try to alternative from the lights, you may not need to entwine it in so many places. This will help to disguise the light wires and will add some pretty detail to the wreath.

Now that the lights and central beading is in place, you can go ahead and adjust the branches.

Arrange them to spread out and form an attractive shape to the garland, paying consideration to whether you intend the decorations to hang or be fixed, and in what positions you would like them.

Now my favourite bit... get decorating!

Attach and assemble the decorations you have chosen. Why not consider a symetrical design? Whatever you do, and whatever adornments you have chosen, remember to space them out evenly.

We opted for very simple decorations placed symetrically, however, you can go for a range of different items of all varying sizes. Perhaps a large central piece with berries and bows in the centre, which spreads into less and less decorations as it reaches the end?

Now that your wreath is done, attach it to your location and switch the lights on!

That's it!!

Happy wreath making!!